It’s a beautiful morning. Dear Calisto, have you dreamt of me? Perhaps, I held flowers unto you with a smile-plastered face?

I once prayed…

I once prayed…

Never to live a life of regret

Nor lay waste

of time

trying to make meaning of life

Seeking the light of God

the Light

to sail away from this isle of shame

Seeking the light of God

for darkness is no joy

a prism of hope

for my pen to preach

this silence

Seeking the light of God

for darkness is really no joy

the Light

stillness in the storm

fear, an act begone

seeing the world anew.

It was right after the minute we shouted Happy New Year, I opened my PDF Reader and started reading Bruce Ross’s “Traveling To Other Worlds: Lectures On Transpersonal Expression In Literature And The Arts.”

I find this book intriguing. It is a real eye-opener to topics I’m particularly passionate about.

A good book is an event in my life.

Stendhal, The Red and the Black

Here’s to more beautiful reads in 2021. 🍻

encircling magical words


to a dream world